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The Biolight
for energetic, living, healthy, salutary and vital water

The Aqua Biolight, a new photometric process

Biowaterworld introduces the Aqua Biolight, a system consisting of a new photometric process. The water molecular structures are regenerated and sorted based on natural bio-resonance level. The water is enriched by light frequencies with temporary H3O2, the structured EZ (exclusive zone) water, or living, energetic, vital water and the energetic cell water in our bodies. It is able to save and release energy. This living Biolight water is bio-energetically stabilising, healing and reinforces life-friendly frequencies and wave ranges.

When flowing through the Aqua Biolight the living water molecules begin to communicate with their life-wavy light frequencies. The aqueous cells of all plants and creatures are known to communicate by bio-resonance. No water and no light - no bio-resonance - and without resonance there is no healthy, natural life of the creatures possible.

Energetic, living, salutary and vital Biolight water

Toast and drink with others on the health and well-being. A sip from a glass of Biolight water convinces, source freshness and wholesomeness of a reactivated natural salutary drinking water . So obvious, like water flowing from the tap, so obvious is the excellent quality of the energetic, living, salutary and vital biowaterworld Biolight water.

What is the influence of Biolight on water?

The water is enriched by light frequencies with temporary H3O2. H3O2 is important to your health. The enriched Biolight water tastes and one feels better, more energetic and vital.

Were do you find same concentrations H3O2?

- Spring water is under pressure and builds H3O2. Glacial Melt is H3O2.
- Espresso under pressure builds H3O2.
- Sun very important to health, lowers blood pressure, builds H3O2.
- Juicing fruits and vegetables, Juice is structured water H3O2. Eat watermelon. Good for health.
- Go barefoot, wade at the beach. Earthing, grounding puts negative charge that builds H3O2.

The salutary effect of Biolight can be proven

Not only because of the well-being after trinking energetic, living Biolight water or bathing in a vital Biolight swimming pool

- The pH increases
- The conductivity decreases, solids in suspension and dissolved elements will sediment, the water is clear and clean.
- Refractive index, density, surface tension and viscosity are higher.
- The water is better structured and sounds musically.
- The optical appearance changes, the water flows like oil.

And these are all qualities of H3O2, Cell- or EZ water