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About the Biolight

What can BIOLIGHT do?

The BIOLIGHT can demonstrably change parameters in the physiological sense. Water treatment is carried out with the aid of a photon/light source in conjunction with other proven process technologies.

Why a water treatment?

 In our waste water, there are some things that should not necessarily get into the environment - but sewage plants remove only a part of the impurities. In particular, persistent substances - very stable hydrocarbon compounds such as aromatics, cannot eliminate the bacteria that are used for purification in the biological treatment stage. The result: residues of cleaning agents and pesticides "or even pharmaceuticals" are released into the water and thus into our drinking water.

Why drinking water treatment?

Life originated many millions of years ago in the primordial ocean. Single-celled organisms were formed, which in the following millions of years formed intelligent colonies from which mammals and humans eventually developed. The primordial ocean at that time had a salt content of 0.9% and was the habitat of these protozoa. Interestingly, the intercellular body fluid of humans, i.e. the habitat of our body cells, also has a salt content of 0.9% - a "defined basic value" of the human organism, which must be adhered to precisely for (survival) life. Thus, man can also be regarded as a concentrated accumulation of highly specialized and interconnected protozoa, which have "brought" their "habitat" from primeval times. Just as the state of the water in which they find themselves is important for aquatic organisms, the functioning of the human body cells is also strongly dependent on the quality of the body fluid surrounding them. Unfortunately, this fact is given far too little attention in modern medicine - it concentrates on the condition and "treatment" of the 30% solid substances in humans, while the 70% water hardly receives attention.

The permeability of the fluid surrounding the cells is of great importance for the optimal supply of nutrients and oxygen to our cells and for the disposal of nutrient residues and carbon dioxide that arise during metabolic processes. This is because nutrients and oxygen are only actively transported through the blood to the capillaries. They then reach the cells by means of passive diffusion through the concentration gradient between the surroundings of the capillaries and the more distant cells. Since the intercellular body fluid consists not only of water and salt, but also of proteins, it must not be too acidic, because protein coagulates in an acid environment, the fluid becomes viscous and the transport of substances becomes more difficult. This becomes clear in the blood, whose pH value must not fall below pH 7.35 because of its high protein content - a second "defined basic value" of the body.

The body fluid is constantly renewed and replaced by the water we drink. The human organism is designed for the supply of water - not tea, juice, coffee, lemonades, etc. - and raw plant food - not cooked, preserved or otherwise treated "food" and high protein-containing meat or dairy products. Raw vegetable food has only a very short dwell time in the stomach, water should be drunk on an empty stomach, so that it can get directly into the intestines without being "acidified" by the stomach acid. (This is why it is important to drink at least one large glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning). In the intestine, water can be absorbed directly via the intestinal villi and pass into the blood or into the intercellular body fluid. The quality of drinking water and its physical parameters are thus directly transferred to the human organism. This illustration makes it clear that the physical parameters of drinking water have a great influence on our health.

Which water values can be influenced?

 The mineral content, measured in the conductivity in µS (micro Siemens) or the inverse function of the resistance in W (Ohm). Water dissolves minerals and surrounds the mineral ions (e.g. a Ca++ ion or a Cl- ion) with a so-called hydrate shell (cf. Fig. 3). The more minerals that are dissolved, the more structured the water becomes and the better it can conduct electric current.

The acid or base content of the water, measured as pH value, i.e. the ratio of H+ and OH- ions to the H2O molecules (cf. Fig. 4). In pure water, each 10th water molecule splits into an H+- and an OH- ion. This is the natural dissociation of the water and indicates a neutral pH value of pH 7. If the ratio of H+- or OH- ions to the H2O molecules increases through the addition of minerals or through electrolysis and subsequent separation, the pH value increases or decreases accordingly.

The redox potential, measured in mV (see Fig. 5, is related to the pH value. It indicates the electrical voltage: A negative redox potential means an excess of free electrons, i.e. an antioxidant effect, a positive redox potential means a lack of electrons and an oxidative effect.

The size of the water clusters, which can only be determined by complex resonance measurements, but which also affects surface tension, solubility and cell mobility. Water clusters are, so to speak, the "functional units" of the water molecules; the larger they are, the smaller is the effective surface - the smaller they are, the better is the cell mobility and substances can be dissolved and transported (cf. Fig. 6). Other physical properties of water, such as information content, are not mentioned here due to the lack of objective measurability.

What can BIOLIGHT do?

The BIOLIGHT can demonstrably change the above-mentioned parameters in the physiological sense. In several test facilities it could be scientifically proven that the mineral content, the pH value, the redox potential and the water cluster structure change. Also in many practiced test runs there was a considerable reduction of the water germ contamination, here in particular of Escherichia coli.

In connection with the OLOID PYRAMIDE, one can clean industrial water, tap water or other waters, like ponds, pools, natural swimming pools and other lakes, as well as the water for plant and animal breeding etc. without chemical or complex process-technical plants.

By changing the physical and chemical polluted water, positive health effects can be achieved in the areas of drinking water, health/medicine, animal husbandry, private and hotel pools by returning the water to its original physical-chemical form in the original clusters. 

The Biolight - possible uses:

- Drinking water (private and commercial)

- Swimming pools (outdoor and indoor)

- Animal husbandry (livestock, fish farming, horses)

- Health, Hospitals, Balneotherapy

- Service water circuits for trade and industry

The Biolight can be easily installed in any household, hotel, hospital or even in animal husbandry without the need of filters or the like.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or require further information. We are pleased to be able to help you.


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