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iBBU Institut for Biosensorics and Bioenergetic Environmental Research

Partner of the Center for Intellectual Medical Systems IMEDIS Moscow

Bioenergetic water investigations

Natural SPA pool DEUZ

Rayocomp measurements

Period of performance of the measurements 28.11.2017

Client: biowaterworld europe GmbH Heinz Ihne Schulstra├če 24 D-57234 Wilnsdorf This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contractor: Institute of Biosensors and Bioenergetic Environmental Research Drosselgasse 10 A-8501 Lieboch/Graz


Analysis of the water quality of the Deuz Natural SPA Pool using radiesthetic determination of resonance figures using the RAYOCOMP PS 1000 bioresonance analyzer and

showing their effect on humans.

"The sample "Natur Erlebnisbad DEUZ", measured on 28.11.2017, showed the following characteristics:

- The sample has 87 bioresonance numbers, 77 positive and 10 negative. It is particularly important that the resonance figures of the upper and middle control level are

predominantly positive (upper level 21 positive and only 1 negative in the area of the limbic center and 3 positive resonances of the middle level). This means that this water

has a very great effect on humans (and living matter in general).

- At the chakra frequencies 3 low chakras occur and these are supported. The 7th chakra is somewhat inhibited.

This is good for external water applications (baths and washes).

- There are 3 out of 5 universal frequencies.

- With 14 positive frequencies for organ control, this water is a very effective therapeutic water.

- The use of this water can support the function of the reproductive organs, the immune system, the endocrinum

(especially the formation of thyroid hormones) and partly the kidneys. 

- It has a positive effect on the coronary vessels and the thalamus (eyes). 

- It is also important to promote digestion at the end part of the large intestine.

All this and also the fact that this water is acid-base neutral makes this water very valuable as potable water and for external use.