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The Biolight
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By Fritz-Albert Popp
Ehem. Raketenstation D-41472 Neuss

Experimentation Summary

Electroluminescense involves the measurement of recombination lights emitted in response to voltage application. The unification of ions and electrons initially forms an excited stage of the recombination product. The passage to the initial state releases a photon, which can be detected with highly sensitive light detectors (photomultipliers). The recombination light is highly dependent on all physical properties of the liquid. That is the reason why it is possible to detect minimal differences in quality of liquids both very sensitively and reliably.


The measurements were carried out with the electroluminescence device PMS2. 102 ml water sample were filled into a bottle of optical glass and were put into the dark room of the measuring device. After adaption to darkness (1 minute) the sample was electrically stimulated via two platinum electrodes inside of the liquid (intervals 100 ms, stimulation period 4 s, stimulation voltage 50V). During the whole duration of the experiment the emission of photons of the electroluminescence was measured with a photomultiplier.


In 2004 on behalf of the AWAS GmbH, electroluminescence measurements were executed with water samples, which were treated with the newly developed process (Biolight) by that company. In the result of the impartial measurement of the electroluminescence were clearly significant differences between the treated and non-treated samples. The differences were considerably dependent of the parameters of the treatment and could not be based on unknown coincidences. Statements considering the mechanisms, which lead to the significant change of quality, cannot be made on the basis of the investigation. It has to be mentioned, that there are no impartial and general criteria for water quality. The proof can only be made via the application of the water for particular purposes, which be easier to fulfil after the special treatment of the water.

Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp, Biophotonics scientist and founder of the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany (1996), found with multiple measurements, strongly reduced conductivity in Biolight treated water (up to 60% reduction), previously only found in reverse osmosis and micro filter treated water.

Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp also stated:
“A such significant improvement as shown by the Biolight, apart from membrane and ceramic filtration systems, I did not find throughout my tests with 100 different systems. I believe that through the Biolight the absorption maximum of the water is induced”

Electroluminescence of tap water treated with Biolife (Biolight)

 Electroluminescenece of tap water treated with Biolife (Biolight)

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