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Naturopthy PLUS

Naturopthy PLUS

The Biolight
for energetic, living, healthy, salutary and vital water

Bacterias, germs and fungi in swimming pools

Biolight natural pools disinfection and energising function

The Biolight water disinfection of natural pools functions without chemicals. The UVC around 270 nm (wavelength) prevents the growth of bacterias, germs and fungi. The information from the bioresonance-science saved in Biolight is transmitted through light/photons to the water. Only algas grow (Biolight is life) because of the direct sun radiation. They floc and lay down on the bottom together with the sedimentation consisting of nitrates, phosphates and other elements. This sedimentation can be easily vacuum cleaned. The water remains clear and without any smell….more

Biolight pool disinfection and energising

The interior and exterior swimming pools (non natural pools) shall be differently treated.

The algas do not grow in internal swimming pools without direct sunlight. Biolight disinfects without smell and energises the pool water on bioresonance level. Biolight has the same effect on the exterial swimming pool water. The algas grow quicker (from 15°C). lay down on the bottom and stick to the walls. The water is clear, but the pool does not look good...more