Naturopthy PLUS

Naturopthy PLUS

Naturopthy PLUS

The Biolight
for energetic, living, healthy, salutary and vital water

Industrial Systems with Biolight

biowaterworld Biolight Lighting technology and AWAS Nano Flotation

Proven technology “redeveloped”

an EU-funded project

This new AWAS lighting technology from “biowaterworld”s development sector is installed centrally in the saturator. It causes a water purification of different even dissolved matters in a way that they even separate from the molecular structures of the water.

 AWAS Nano Flotation

The sewage, cooling, process, ground or river water polluted with light liquids or emulsions is preferably pre-purified through the simultaneous separator AWAS Galaxie Tower. This pre-cleaning system separates sludge, light materials or light liquids simultaneously in an efficient way from the water. They are deflected into the respective containers and storage tanks. The water which is cleaned from floatable and suspended solids flows to a storage basin …… more

AWAS Nano FlotationType of wastewater: heavily loaded process waterLevel of cleaning: industrial water recycling or discharge into natural reservoirs. Nominal sizes: up to 500,000 l / h per unit