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B i o l i g h t  i s  l i f e

We and the world

By Heinz Eugen Ihne

My practical philosophy for what we do:  

We ourselves begin the war against nature in which we are simple and proud
We begin to think and teach "to believe in science in the sense of progress" and we put it into practice. This illumination in the materialistic worldview of the world teaches us to accept and live in a world of specialists and capital:  

About physics, only the academic physicist understands
On chemistry, only the chemist
About medicine, only the doctor
About religion, only the priest etc.,
and that is the standard that everyone should follow  

And so it was the evolution of the Creator
with our mind and intelligence to improve "technically and scientifically".
There have often been inventions that have degenerated to the benefit of industrial and financial systems.
"With the aim of keeping something alive" -
And it got worse and worse!  

Let's stop
Remember the forces of nature and creation  
Let's take live and organic as an example
and try to recognize, borrow and use what nature shows us;
also in the sense of the modern ideas of quantum mechanics and quantum physics.  

I try to understand the world in this sense by looking at the most alive thing that has
respecting and protecting the water and treating it preferably following the model of the forces of nature.  

Please, join: "Do a little to save the world"  

His Heinz Eugen Ihne

Managing partner biowaterworld GmBH

Chairman of the Board AWAS AG