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The Biolight
for energetic, living, healthy, salutary and vital water

B i o l i g h t  i s  l i f e


Joachim Voigtmann


Biowaterworld europe gmbH

(translated from original text in German)

Dear Mr. Ihne,

One day after another we are excited about our pool water with the Biolight system and would like to give you a short report today. Our pool is filled with 21 cubic meters of water, heated all year round, covered with an Solar film Iso-Plane, a winter garden rebuilt and equipped with a commercial sand filter system.

Since May 2007, we have put your Biolight system into operation. In the shortest time our water quality improved visibly, (without changing the water and without using chemicals) We have a crystal clear and non-smelling water. We have an almost daily bath for 4 people.

Before the installation of the Biolight system, we cleaned the water weekly or every two weeks. But now we can purify the water every four weeks. There are no deposits, discoloration and no optical changes. The water gives an invigorating and fresh feeling. After stressful days and heavy physical activity, a bath is a total recovery effect.

My wife suffers from atopic dermatitis and she used to be able to swim only on days when she was well. (These were rare) During a four-month period of the year, she goes swimming for between 20 and 30 minutes a day, the itching has gone extremely low, only small spots and bearable. Her skin quality is 90% normal, the skin is smooth as baby skin. Does not smear anymore, no tablets for itching, no cortisone.

Liver and intestine were also attacked but now after about 8 weeks, is total recovery. Her soul also regenerates itself again, in the water you throw off your burdens and draw ideas and strength for new ways.

Dear Mr. Ihne, we thank you for introducing us to the Biolight system and wish you continued success and enthusiastic customers.

Best regards,

(Signed) Joachim Voigtmann



Elvira Walti Obrist Cattuzzo

Alternative – Medizin

P-8100-296 Loulé

15. Januar 2007

 (translated from original text in German)

We two, that means Elvira and Walti, have been using the Biolight system to our house and pool water since mid-2006.

Our experience with the bio-water; it is much tastier, finer, more alive to drink, you simply drink more healthy water and fill up really well, the whole body works better, the stomach, intestines, liver, just the whole organism. Of course, it is also used for cooking, and even then you notice the difference; with coffee, tea and everything that is prepared with water is better, tastier, a dream of food and drink.

As regards the pool with bio-water, as you experienced the first week so much in your body, first come the years of pain a little reinforced to the fore to disappear later, that is scars, muscle, back, rheumatism, circulation, headache: everything is forgotten , One feels again years younger and fit.

In practice, after completing the bioresonance treatment, our patients always take a glass of bio-water and everyone says, "We have never had such good, tasty, fine water." At the next session, bring empty bottles! That says it all!

With kind regards

Elvira & Walti



Dear Mr. Ihne,

here my findings about the healing water:

On 15. 04. 2016 I started with the conversion of my existing house installation. I emptied the pipe system 80%.

After installation, I filled the system at around 13:30, reducing the network pressure from 4.5 bar to 3.8 bar.

For the first time, I took water and drunk at 6:30 pm and was very pleased with the creamy taste.

On 16. 04. 2016, my wife and I had coffee for breakfast, it was a pleasure.

On 17. 04. 2016 I took a bath with some drops of China oil. After a busy weekend it was a delight. The water felt like cream. I was completely satisfied after an hour of bathing.

On 24. 04. 2016 I took the bath as above and read an hour about healing power of the chokeberries (Aronia). Health at my age is .primordial.

If you plan to travel to Georgia, we will call you


(signed) Hans-Udo Granzner