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The Biolight
for energetic, living, healthy, salutary and vital water

Biolight – Oloid - Pyramid
Natural pool Deuz

This was the proto type in 2015
Biolight and Oloid without a Pyramid.
Heinz Ihne-AWAS-biowaterworld looks at the initial design and thinks about further developments

 Dr. Horst Assing-ICT (left) and Heinz Ihne-AWAS-biowaterworld   Biolight and Oloid without a Pyramid

And this is what the system looks like in 2016.
For the cleaning and enrichment of surface water and something very special, actual, evolutionary….copied from the primal force of nature
Developed by AWAS + biowaterworld + oloid


biowaterworld, a company linked with AWAS, which aims the production of healthy, salutary potable water, thanks to the development of a quantum physical phton transmitter, called Biolight. The Biolight unit consists of a double-helix bulb, a memory system and the in-built chip, which transfers continuously the evolutuonary biological information to the water. Four of these transmitters are installed under water on the edges of the pontoon, a floating framework.

The OLOID, developed from the flat hexahedron into 3D forma, moved in a natural rythm causes inversion- and turbulences in the water and activates the oxegen saturation. Two of these Oloids move the water in counter current direction. 

The PYRAMID with the same dimensions to a scale of the Cheops , which covers the Biolights and Oloids, installed on the pontoon, combines the old-egypt used salutary energies harmoneous together with the Biolights in relation to the mutual energy and transmittance to the water.


We are really astonished to learn and to prove not only through laboratory analysis that the water quality significantly improved, but also that the salutary bio-resonance frequencies for body and soul are incorporated in the energized natural pool of Deuz with the


These processes has been subscribed as a German Research Programme

Ice Crystal 

Water droplets of the natural pool Deuz were frozen and shooted under a microscope The above shown crystal was chosen by the fotografer as significant.