Naturopthy PLUS

Naturopthy PLUS

Naturopthy PLUS

The Biolight
for energetic, living, healthy, salutary and vital water

Aqua Biolight solutions

 Stand-alone Biolight solutions

Potable water

Swimming pools

Animal breeding

Wholesomeness – Health

Hospitals – Balneotherapy

The biolight can be easily installed in the usual potable water supply in every household, hotel, hospital or animal breeding farms

AWAS Industrial Systems with Biolight

Industrial applications incorporating Biolight are designed and manufactured by for i.e. food- and beverage industry, environment friendly treatment of produced water of the oil industry, surface water and service water of petrol stations.

Food- and beverage industry

Rain and Surface Water

De-Icing Water (Defroster Systems)

Hydrocarbon- and Oil-containing Water and Wastewater

Industrial wastewater

Produced Water (Water from Oil Exploration)

Zero Liquid Discharge To convert highly concentrated Wastewater into clear water and dry Matter