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The Biolight
for energetic, living, healthy, salutary and vital water

Das Gesunde Pferd, a diagnostic method called Metavital horse (EAVET)

Das Gesunde Pferd

The modern diagnostic method called Metavital horse (EAVET) enables us to communicate with the organism cells through Biophotons. The EAVET software measures particular frequencies in selected parts of the body and analyses the received information of organs and cells up to DNA. The biogenetic method gives specific information about the horses energetic being of the organ- tissue- and cell frequencies and without any complicated diagnosis techniques,
according to Claudia Hilger, who works with her ambulant horse health care outfit throughout Germany.

"I am searching systematically and precisely with my little veterinary clinic for energetic imbalances with these horses. Individual therapies are developed based on this information, which show the spots in the body where deviations arise.
All veterinary supplements and feeds are tested in advance. The synergy with Biolight functions 99% of all cases. Together with Biolight I have a perfect tool in order to create an optimal basis to reinstate the healthy recovery. I use Biolight together with the other methods to have better results."

Claudia Hilger mit dem Pferd und EAVET