For energetic, living, healthy, healing and vital water. Biolight is life. The energetic water of our systems gives health, beauty and enjoyment of life. The beneficial effects of our Biolight system are officially proven and a real asset to every household.

More Health
Better taste
More energy

Today’s water problem

Through to the increasing use of antibiotics in animal husbandry and also in the population, the number of resistant germs is increasing year by year. Through the sewage system or the use of manure in the fields, they finally reach our groundwater. Even for the most modern sewage treatment plants, it is thus increasingly difficult to filter out these pathogenic bacteria from the water.

Our solution

Biowaterworld has set itself the goal of making tap water edible again and has created something truly revolutionary on the way to it. The biowaterworld Aqua Biolight is a photometric process and transmits pulsating Photons to the surroundings, i.e. to water. The water's molecular structures are regenerated and sorted based on natural
bio-resonance levels
(iBBU; bioenergetic water investigations).
This living, energetic Biolight water, enriched through temporary H3O2, like the water in the body cells, is bio-energetically stabilising, healthy, salutary and reinforces life-friendly frequencies, and wave ranges for
Body, Mind and Soul.

Our products

Biolight HH
Biolight K

Aqua Biolight compared to normal water

No residual materials
Vitalizing effect
Reduced germ load
Bioenergetically stabilizing

Ice crsytals

Contaminated residues
Burdened germ

Our studies

Potable water

Biolight improves the quality of potable water. The water is enriched with temporary H3O2 (Cell- or EZ water, the 4th phase of water discovered by Dr. Pollack) by light frequences.

Legionella bacterias and other are eliminated,germs are reduced.

The enriched Biolight water tastes and one feels better, more energetic and vital. It detoxifies the body.


Healing effect

Water enriched by Biolight shows that the effect on healing processes, e.g. the cell generation of wounds improves more than twice in its effect, thus also in time (DartschScientific).

Swimming pools,        natural pools,          bacterias and germs:

Bacterias in swimming pools are eliminated and germs are significantly reduced without chemicals. The water is energetic and vital.


Animal breed

Cattle farming: Biolight Potable Water Treatment System solved the problems with regard to "Dermatophytes (filamentous fungi)" at a cattle farmer: The filamentous fungi disappeared after a week. The cows drunk more and more, Milk production up 10%. Udder inflammations significantly less....

Horses have shown significant positive healing effects after 112 days drinking Biolight water only. The EAVET analyzer shows, that the Biolight treatment gives a very positive and salutary result, especially on the level of the body cells.

What our customers say

Dear Mr. Ihne, One day after another we are excited about our pool water with the Biolight system and would like to give you a short report today. Our pool is filled with 21 cubic meters of water, heated all year round, covered with an Solar film Iso-Plane, a winter garden rebuilt and equipped with a commercial sand filter system. Since May 2007, we have put your Biolight system into operation. In the shortest time our water quality improved visibly, (without changing the water and without using chemicals).

We two, that means Elvira and Walti, have been using the Biolight system to our house and pool water since mid-2006. Our experience with the Biolight water; it is much tastier, finer, more alive to drink, you simply drink more healthy water and fill up really well, the whole body works better, the stomach, intestines, liver, just the whole organism. Of course, it is also used for cooking, and even then you notice the difference; with coffee, tea and everything that is prepared with Biolight water is better, tastier.

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